Peak Performance Golf:.

Peak Performance Golf School was founded by PGA of America Master Professional, Greg Coffin.

The sole purpose of each golf school is to assist each student in attaining their personal golfing goals by providing a higher level of instruction, game practice plans and proper resources needed for game improvement.

"You will not find the latest theories or gimmicks at Peak Performance Golf.  Rather, we instruct time proven golf fundamentals and shot making skills required to build a solid foundation for your golf game". Greg Coffin 

Peak Performance Golf is revolutionizing the way golfers should learn and train for golf, connecting you to the world of professional golf instruction and technology.   

Our instructional approach accommodates golfers of all levels of interest, ability and achievement.  We guarantee that you will be armed with the skills and tools necessary to take your golf to a higher level of Performance!

Benefits of Peak Performance Golf Schools:

*Enjoying the game of golf longer and more often

*Play consistently better golf

*Reduce the risk of injury

*Lower Scores

*Game Plan for Improvement

If you are seeking golf instruction or a golf school that is truly dedicated to your golfing success and enjoyment then Peak Performance Golf Schools will be your golf instruction or golf school of choice.

Tampa golf instruction site available for your Florida golf school.

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