Introducing Peak Performance Golf – Junior Golf Academy, a unique training experience for developing today’s junior golfer.

Peak Performance Golf – Junior Golf Academy was founded with the sole purpose of providing each junior golfer with a properly structured long-term developmental program. A program that inherently develops their fundamental movement skills, establishes functional movement patterns, enhances sport specific skills, trains golf specific skills and most importantly instills a passion for the game of golf within each junior golfer.

The formula is simple … when you combine good quality body motion with a high degree of swing instruction the junior golfer will maximize their opportunity to attain their true golfing potential. Developing a full range of sport skills is a critical element in their maturation as an athlete.

Peak Performance Golf training is available to junior golfers of all levels of interest, ability, desire and achievement.


Junior Golf Today

Most junior golf programs were developed with an adult mind-set. Far too often, we select drills and activities that we think are fun, but are not fun for the junior athlete. To keep juniors interested and excited about golf, the training program must fit the junior golfer’s age specific mindset.

The window of trainability is small and once missed it can never be recovered!

Research has proven that there can be up to a four year developmental age variance amongst junior golfers who are of the same chronological age. Using the science of developmental age determination, Peak Performance Golf is able to train the junior with the proper corresponding phase of athletic training development.


Junior Golfers

The landscape has officially changed with respect to junior golf training. Instruction today must be more than just the grip, stance and posture For the junior to become a ‘Complete Golfer’, many elements of the game must be mastered.

Hi, my name is Greg Coffin; PGA Master Professional, TPI Certified Junior Golf Coach and founder of Peak Performance Golf.

I first developed Peak Performance Golf while working as Director of Instruction for golfing great, Mr. Ken Venturi. Peak Performance Golf is by far the most comprehensive and progressive golf training program available to today’s junior golfer. We train each junior golfer on the technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects of the game that appropriately relates to where they are from a developmental age standpoint.


A Proven Record

Peak Performance Golf is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way today’s junior golfers should learn and train for golf.

I had my first opportunity to test the program when I was invited to Slovenia to train their top junior golfers. Two days into training, Slovenia had their first junior golfer shoot par for the course and by the end, each junior golfer had achieved a personal best. I’m proud to say many junior golfers I trained in Slovenia went on to qualify and play for their National Amateur Teams. One golfer was also the first Slovenian awarded a golf scholarship to a university in the United States.


The PPG Difference

Peak Performance Golf – Junior Academy provides a distinct advantage for the junior golfer over their competition.

Our program begins with creating the foundation within the junior’s body to develop the athletic base for all activities of the golf swing. We use a multi-lateral approach to training, focusing on the fundamental skills of the game and general athletic movements. The junior will train through our phases of progression to create the athlete and ultimately move into golf specific training. Basically, the junior is training their body and mind to play great golf and attain their true golfing potential.

Maximizing the junior golfer’s potential will also provide the junior with a better opportunity to earn golf scholarships and compete at a much higher level of play if this is their desire.

We can make one promise to each junior golfer and their parents; our training program will prepare the junior golfer for a lifetime of golf no matter if it is as a competitive player or a recreational golfer.

Intangibles taught such as sportsmanship, hard work, attaining a goal, team work, confidence and respect will also build the junior athlete’s character.


PPG Approach

Research has shown that it takes around twenty years for a golfer to move into the elite level of golf performance; this rule has even applied to Tiger Woods!

Juniors and parents must come to the realization that developing a healthy and successful golfer is a journey that encompasses several varying degrees of stimulus which all build upon each other.

There is a small window of opportunity to capitalize on movement development in the pre-adolescent years. Movement training is essential as the nervous system plasticity is high and movement habits have not yet been ingrained as permanent. During adolescent years, movement patterns must be reinforced and golf specific specialization begins. The more movement skills a junior has developed early on, the more ability they will display at golf in the future.

Junior golfers who learn to master the elements associated with good movement are much better prepared than junior golfers who have not been exposed to this type of stimulation.


Stages of Development

It is a proven fact that junior golfers who train sport specific to early have a higher degree of burnout, more inconsistencies in performance and experience more injuries.

Junior golfers will naturally increase strength, vertical and rotational power and speed as a result of appropriately designed and developmentally sound skill enhancement training.

Stages of Development Ages
Active Start-“First Swings” (4-6)
Fundamentals (6-9)
Learning to Play (8-12)
Training to Play (12-16)
Learning to Compete (16-18)
Training to Compete (18-23)
Train to Excel (23-29)

Excel (23+)

These stages of development allow each junior golfer to train at their appropriate pace. Emphasis is on body control and developing rotary speed in each stage.


Ongoing Training

Peak Performance Golf – Junior Academy offers ongoing support through our state-of-the-art online learning center. The resources and tools on our website include a lesson library, game tracking software, practice plan, short game testing, goal setting, mental game of golf, message board and golf fitness sections. These tools allow the professionals of Peak Performance Golf to continuously monitor game performance and provide feedback.

With Peak Performance Golf, every junior golfer reaps the benefits of truly personalized instruction. Simply put … it’s a partnership that lasts!


Play Better Golf Now

We know that you’ll love the Peak Performance Golf – Junior Academy experience … the only thing you’ll love more are the results!

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