Developing our students into complete golfers is a process that defines many aspects of the game. Our program is customized specifically to the needs of each student, no matter what level of player they are.

Peak Performance Golf offers simply the best golf instruction available to today’s golfer.

3D Motion Capture Analysis

Peak Performance Golf’s three dimensional body motion analysis creates a clear picture of what the golfer’s strengths and weaknesses truly are from address positioning through impact. The analysis provided is state of the art in today’s golf instructional industry and is the wave of the future for golf instruction!

All great ball strikers move in exactly the same pattern from the start of their downswing through impact. This is called the Kinematic Sequence and it is vital to reaching a higher level of swing performance.

Upon completion of the analysis you will train with real time visual and auditory biofeedback to develop your movement skill routines!

Your analysis will also include a report defining:

  • Alignment at Address
  • Posture at Address
  • Pelvis Position at top of backswing
  • Body Turn at top of backswing
  • Pelvis Movement
  • Upper Body Movement

2d Video Analysis

The student will have the opportunity to view their golf swing and the changes they make with our video analysis system. Allowing the student to put a visual with the feelings they are creating is paramount to the overall learning process. The student will also receive a take home voiced over instructional analysis CD for at home lesson review.

Putting Stroke Analysis

Our students get the same personalized putting instruction that the best PGA and LPGA Tour Professional’s receive.

The analysis performed captures the critical parameters of the students putting stroke in real time. These parameters are vital to assessing a developing a consistent and repeatable putting stroke.

Alignment at Address

How well does the student consistently repeat the address position over a series of putts?

Alignment at Impact

Does the student have a tendency to strike the ball with the putter face open or closed in relation to the target line?

Path at Impact

Does the student’s forward stroke path merge perfectly with the target line through the impact zone, or is the golfer off path?

Shaft Angle

Is the student de-lofting or adding loft to the putter face at impact?

Stroke Path & Rotation

What is the overall shape of the stroke in relation to the target line?

Impact Spot

Is the putter consistently striking the ball where it is originally addressed?

Speed at Impact

How well does the student adjust the stroke speed to correct for initial putts that are too short or too long? More important, how consistent is club velocity at impact?

Stroke Tempo

How consistent is the stroke timing from one putt to the next? How much time does it take to complete the putt from the beginning of the backstroke to impact and how consistent is the timing?

All of these parameters will be evaluated at your Computerized Putting Stroke instructional session. Once evaluated, putting instruction and drill work will follow.

Physical Assessment

Peak Performance Golf believes that playing better golf is easier than it seems. Most golfers work solely on technique and take lessons. They do not work on the most important piece of golf equipment that they possess … their bodies!

If you are struggling to lower your scores, add distance and really excel at golf and/or you are swinging with pain, feeling tired during a round of golf and your body is having problems moving like your professional wants, your body might just be the issue.

At Peak Performance Golf our “Fit Fore Golf” program has been designed specifically to help each student prepare their body to meet the demands of the golf swing.

Our students are placed through a complete array of assessments usually reserved for the best golfers in the world. This is your opportunity to train as the professional’s on the PGA and LPGA Tours do!

Through proper assessment of the body and the identification of specific physical limitations, Peak Performance Golf creates a customized corrective conditioning and exercise plan to assist you with attaining your full golfing potential!


Equipment Analysis

Having a properly fitted set of golf clubs is a key requirement to playing better golf. Peak Performance Golf will assess your current set of clubs and provide you with a detailed report on what your custom fitting specs are.

Your report will include the following:

  • Grip Size
  • Club Length
  • Shaft of Club
  • Lie of club
  • Flex of Club

Mental Game Golf

Anyone who has played the game of golf knows that it eventually becomes a 10% physical and 90% psychological game.

Peak Performance Golf incorporates mental game of golf instruction by asking each student to complete an assessment if they wish (additional fee for assessment). The information allows not only us, but more importantly the student, to truly understand their psychological golf makeup. The assessment results ensure that your instruction will be adapted to your personal needs and game improvement can be maximized.

The profile we utilize is the same assessment used by the top golfer’s in the world.

Your report provides an accurate picture of your golfing personality and customized strategies for the following areas of your game:

  • Golf Temperament
  • Pre-Round Preparation
  • Playing Shots
  • Course Management
  • Working with Instructors
  • Golf Fitness Tendencies