Peak Performance Golf School offers instruction packages that are completely customized to your individual instructional needs.

Our school packages consist of both range tee work and daily playing lesson schools with your personal golf instructor.

Each student is assigned their own golf coach, who provides instruction on various aspects of the game to maximize game improvement.

A player profile form will be completed by each student prior to attending the golf school. This information allows Peak Performance Golf to tailor our instruction to you where it counts… on the golf course!

Once on-sight, a swing evaluation and physical assessment is performed and a customized golf fitness specific plan is generated for you. The idea is to attack your weak points from a physical standpoint and to overcome your golf swing breakdowns.

The most common packages reserved consist of three hours of range instruction daily (working on all aspects of the game), break for lunch and then tee off for a playing lesson school daily with their golf coach.

To book your Golf School

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