Hello my name is Greg Coffin, PGA of America Master Teaching Professional and founder of Peak Performance Golf.

I can remember as a junior standing out on the range and watching my home course golf professional instruct a lesson and the results he had with his students. It was from this point forth that I knew someday I would be involved in this great game as a golf instructor and assisting others to further their enjoyment of golf.

I have been fortunate to have worked for some of the top golf instructors in the world, Mr. Ken Venturi and Mr. Wally Armstrong. I learned from both that there are a number of ways to swing a golf club but that there are certain parameters a golf swing must fall into to be effective and efficient. As a golf instructor, I will teach you how to move your swing within these parameters, translating into an effective swing and better ball striking!

I began my golf instructor career back in 1995 after playing NCAA golf and competing on mini tours. Since then my golf instructor career has allowed me the opportunity to instruct golfers of all skill levels and from various parts of the globe with great success.


As a golf instructor, developing a student into a ‘Complete Golfer’ is a process that takes time and a game improvement plan must be customized to the individual needs of that student. The golf swing has to be athletic to work under pressure and that begins with the mastering of pre-swing golf fundamentals before moving into swing technique, movement skill training and shot-making skill. I will teach each student the fundamental foundation, swing technique, movement skills and shot-making needed to become that ‘Complete Golfer’.

I provide highly specialized golf instruction through the use of video analysis, 3D body motion capture analysis, physical evaluations and customized golf specific fitness plans.


I have also attained specialized golf instructor certifications with Titleist Performance Institute as a Golf Instructor and Junior Golf Instructor along with being Certified as a KVest Level 2 Golf Instructor.

In 2008, I founded Peak Performance Golf which encompasses golf school instruction, individual training, junior golfer training and the development of golf instructional tools. Many of the juniors are now aligning themselves with the opportunity to play College golf in the near future!

I provide “Truly Personalized Golf Instruction” that will take your golf game to a Higher Level of Performance!